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Welcome to "Flaveurs" the gastronomic restaurant of
the Mont-Riant estate


This is a light, tasty cuisine, mindful of its ecological footprintand based on the products of the region that we offer.

In the kitchen, Patxi and her team do the beautiful share of plants, without neglecting local breeding, artisanal charcuterie or sustainable fishing, a true French agricultural and culinary heritage.

The restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner (except Wednesday and Saturday lunchtimes and Sunday evenings)

Around the highlights of your meal, the team has fun
cooking patiences, mignardises and amuse-bouche... for
a culinary experience rich in flavors.

Our ambition is to provide the restaurant with exceptional, healthy and natural products thanks to our own productions, to have a eco-responsible approach and to play an educational role with our customers by offering workshops.


How ?

  • with an internal production of fruit and vegetables in harmony with our producers.

  • by offering cooking classes "from the vegetable garden to the plate"

  • by reusing organic waste from the estate activities to create a virtuous circle.

Légumes racines




You want to offer a gourmet meal

in our restaurant ? We offer gift vouchers.


Marilyn and her team will know how to listen to you, offer you the best service to enjoy your "home" and share good times with family or friends, combined with your desire to enjoy quality cuisine, homemade and in complete transparency.

She will advise you from the aperitif to the digestive, inspired by our cellar made over the course of her meetings with winegrowers and other spirits enthusiasts.

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